2018 Topps WWE released in early May with its usual fanfare as the flagship brand for wrestling. However, Topps surprised collectors with the inclusion of unannounced base set variations that are short printed. While print runs or pack odds have not been released by Topps, it is believed that these variations are actually SSPs, falling at a rate of one per case.

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There is also an easy way to tell if you have one of the short-printed image variations. Simply look at the code on the back of the card beginning with Code#CMP. The last four digits of the code will be 8708 if you have a variation.

As of now, these are the confirmed SSPs, with images (variations are on the right).

Note: There is an error included in the images below depicting Xavier Woods on card #48 Kofi Kingston. Woods’ image also appears on all of Kofi Kingston’s autograph cards and parallels in 2018 Topps WWE.

#1 Adam Cole

#2 A.J. Styles

#5 Aleister Black

#11 Big E

#14 Bobby Roode

#20 Carmella

#24 Charlotte Flair

#30 Drew McIntyre

#32 Ember Moon

#48 Kofi Kingston

#50 Kyle O’Reilly

#61 The Miz

#65 Naomi

#66 Natalya

#96 Undertaker

#98 Xavier Woods


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