When Toys R Us announced last year that it would be filing bankruptcy, it officially signaled the end of an era as it was the last remaining stand-alone toy store accessible to the general population in the United States. While many hoped that the company could recover over the holiday season or that they would at least be purchased by another company to be kept afloat, that dream never became a reality. Toys R Us announced in March 2018 that it must liquidate which will eventually lead to the closure of 735 stores nationwide and will most likely officially be finished in the U.S. by the end of 2018.


During this liquidation sale, nothing is off-limits including signage, fixtures, and even shopping carts. Since the sale began, loyal followers of the chain have wasted no time snatching up whatever nostalgia items they can of the toy retailer, especially things depicting the iconic store mascot, Geoffrey the Giraffe!

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While many card collectors have looked to purchase the Toys R Us sets that were exclusive to the store in the late 1980s, such as the one pictured above, there is a more obscure nostalgic option that might be a little more collectible!

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In 2011, Topps released a Toys R Us exclusive blister pack with packs of 2011 Topps Opening Day and a bonus Geoffrey the Giraffe card similar to the one above. This set includes five cards, each with Geoffrey in front of a colored background featuring one of five different team logos.

The complete checklist for this set is:

TRU1 Geoffrey NYY

TRU2 Geoffrey BOS

TRU3 Geoffrey PHI

TRU4 Geoffrey CHC

TRU5 Geoffrey SF

What could make these cards more valuable than your typical mascot card is the fact that these were only available in the TRU-exclusive blister packs. And if you’ve ever purchased these blister packs at TRU to get the exclusive purple parallels for the flagship Topps sets, you know how common it is for them to be damaged.

In searching for these cards on eBay, you will find a grand total of four listings. Yes, four! And in checking the population reports for BGS and PSA I learned that none of these cards have ever been graded!

While the demand for these cards may be slim at the moment, it’s most likely due to a lack of knowledge as opposed to a lack of desire. It’s very probable that many collectors aren’t even aware these cards exist.

Maybe it’s time for you, the collector that has had these sitting away with the rest of your 2011 Topps Opening Day, to capitalize on the market and the lack of supply because the demand will begin to rise once we ever closer to the final days of a retail legend.

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