2018 Leaf In The Game Used Sports

Release Date: Wednesday, August 1, 2018

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Configuration: 5 cards per box; 12 boxes per case.

Inside Each Box: 5 autograph or memorabilia cards per box.


3000 HIT CLUB: A 6-player memorabilia card featuring the rare legends that achieved hitting greatness as members of the 3000 hits club such as: Rose/Yastrzemski/Musial/Mays/ Ripken Jr./Murray

500 HOMERUN CLUB: Chicks dig the long ball! A 6 player memorabilia set featuring legends that have tortured pitchers with prodigious power such as: Mantle/Mathews/ Williams/Robinson/Banks/McCovey ALL-TIME ENSHRINED Dual player memorabilia card featuring 2 legends from different sports Enshrined in their sports Hall of Fame in the same year such as: Mickey Mantle/Jack Nicklaus & Julius Erving/Reggie Jackson!

AWARD SEASONS: A 4-player memorabilia card featuring superstars that have all won one of sports top awards such as: Mays/Robinson/McCovey/Rose NL ROY winners or Carew/Piniella/Munson/Fisk AL ROY winners.

CITY OF CHAMPIONS: A 6-player memorabilia card featuring stars that shared a city and a championship such as: Dr.J/ Schmidt/Clarke/Rose/Chamberlain/Parent & Mantle/ Namath/Messier/Frazier/Taylor/Bossy

CLASSIC RIVALS: A 4-player memorabilia card featuring some of sports classic post season rivalries such as: Jackson/Munson/ Yastrzemski/Fisk & Johnson/Abdul-Jabbar/Bird/Mchale

DRAFT CLASS HISTORY: 3-player memorabilia card highlighting some of sports greatest draft classes such as: Elway/Kelly/Marino, Jordan/Olajuwon Barkley and Brett/Schmidt/Rice

ENSHRINED: A single player memorabilia insert set featuring those that have been enshrined in the Hall of Fame within their respective sports such as: Joe Montana, Ted Williams and Muhammad Ali.

LEGENDARY KICKS: A game-used shoe insert featuring superior sneakers from legends such as: Kevin Garnett, Scottie Pippen & David Robinson

MVP 8s: Only MVPs allowed in this 8 player memorabilia set such as: Bench/Brett/Ripken Jr./Sandberg/Yount/Jackson/Dawson/Thomas

FANTASTIC FABRICS: A single player 8 piece memorabilia card set featuring patch, tag, jersey and more! Featuring players like Ken Griffey Jr., Randy Moss, Ichiro and Shaquille O’Neal.

FANTASY TEAM: 8s An 8-player memorabilia card featuring an amazing group of legends that would have made a historical team such as: Brady/Sanders/Sayers/Moss/Harrison/ Montana/Brown/Irvin

IN THE GAME USED SINGLE, DUAL & TRIPLE SIGNATURES: Amazing single and multi-player combinations are included in this auto memorabilia set such as: Shohei Ohtani, Griffey Jr./Thomas and Seaver/Ryan/Maddux

JUMBO PATCH: A single player amazing mammoth patch set featuring heroes such as: Ichiro, Patrick Ewing and Joe Montana

REFLECTIONS: Dual player memorabilia card featuring stars that share rare talents such as: Babe Ruth/Shohei Ohtani, Joe Montana/Tom Brady & Wilt Chamberlain/ Shaquille O’Neal

SUPER PATCH SIGNATURES: Jumbo patch signature cards featuring all world talent such as: Shohei Ohtani, Pete Rose and Roberto Alomar!

TEAM 8s: An 8-player card representing historical franchises and some of the greatest players in their history such as: Mantle/Berra/Munson/Jeter/Jackson/Terry/Pettitte/ O’Neill & Magic/Abdul-Jabbar/Worthy/Riley/Bryant/ O’Neal/Horry/Divac

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