With a staff that seems to be growing by the minute, we thought it may be a good idea to put some names with some faces. So many of you out there only speak to some of us on the phone or see our names written in blog posts. But, we want to make Steel City Collectibles a community and in communities, people tend to know others by their face, name, and even a little bit about what they do for work and about their personality.

This is where Getting To Know Steel City Collectibles comes in. Over the next several weeks, we’ll be posting photos and favorite interests of our staff members. Stay tuned as a few will be released each week!



Max Sassone – Buyer

Started With Steel City Collectibles: March 2017

Originally From: Butler, PA

Favorite Sports: Football

Favorite Athletes: Saquon Barkley, Carson Wentz, Calvin Ridley

Favorite Teams: Philadelphia Eagles, Penn State Nittany Lions

Favorite Item in Your Collection: 1993 Chipper Jones Leaf Gold Rookie

Favorite Foods: Sushi

Favorite TV Shows: Any type of documentary

Favorite Movies: Catch Me If You Can

Favorite Musical Artists: Beach Boys, Foo Fighters


Tom Steiger – Sales

Started With Steel City Collectibles: June 2018

Originally From: Franklin Park, PA

Favorite Sports: Golf, Baseball

Favorite Athletes: Arnold Palmer, Darryl Strawberry

Favorite Teams: Pittsburgh Penguins

Favorite Foods: Alaskan King

Favorite TV Shows: Shark Tank

Favorite Movies: Star Wars

Favorite Musical Artists: Van Halen



Gary B. – Shipping Manager

Started With Steel City Collectibles: November 2014

Originally From: Bethel Park, PA

Favorite Sports: Hockey

Favorite Athletes: Mario Lemieux

Favorite Teams: Pittsburgh Penguins

Favorite Food: Pizza, Mexican, Italian

Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons (up to season 10), prime-era South Park, Beavis & Butthead

Favorite Musical Artists: A bunch of stuff no one has likely heard of, or as Rob Scuderi would call it, “scary metal.”


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