First reported by Sports Collectors Daily just a few days ago, a variation of the 1955 Topps Jackie Robinson has been discovered by collector Rob Rosen. While the discovery was announced last week on the SCD site, Rosen actually noticed it shortly before the National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland.

While there have been many cards throughout the years that have had variations, not all of them became valuable. In many cases, the value of the variation depends on a variety of factors including the player, year, and scarcity of the card. If the variation has the same print run or availability as the regular version of the card in question, both cards tend to have the same value.

But, this one, featuring a Hall of Fame legend and being from one the most collected vintage sets of all time, stands out among the rest.

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Photo courtesy of Sports Collectors Daily/Rob Rosen

When I finished reading the Sports Collectors Daily article, I immediately started crunching numbers.

Here are my results:

In searching eBay for “1955 Topps Jackie Robinson,” there were:

  • 70 active listings
    • 0 were the “Partial Diamond” variation
  • 209 sold listings
    • 19 were the “Partial Diamond” variation, or 9.09%

In comparing completed sales of both the regular and variation versions of the card, there seems to be a 20-40% premium for the “Partial Diamond.”

To compare, let’s look at these two completed auctions.

  • PSA 3.5 with a partial diamond sold for $175 on August 11.
  • PSA 3.5 with a full diamond sold for $121 on August 12.
  • PSA 4 with a partial diamond sold for $156 on July 5.

Of the sales above, both were completed after the NSCC, when the discovery was made public, although not officially announced by a mainstream publication that I’m aware of. With the PSA 4 sale listed above coming in at $156, that would fall in line with the expected price increase between a 3.5 and a 4, not the presence of the partial diamond being on the card.

It’s a lot of information that can be somewhat confusing. To clean this up a bit though, it looks as if the discovery was unknown by most in the hobby until Rosen brought it to the attention of a former SGC employee at the 2018 NSCC. Since then, there have been less listed on eBay, most likely due to collectors buying them up before word spread about the discovery in hopes of cashing in later. Prior to the announcement, the sales of both versions were relatively similar in price no matter the grade of the card. Since the announcement, completed sales are showing a 20-40% premium in what limited information is available.

If you’re a vintage or even just a variation collector, this is a must-have for your collection! But, you need to get one quickly before the entire hobby community knows about it!



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