2019 Upper Deck The X-Files: UFOs and Aliens

Release Date: Wednesday, March 13, 2019

2019 Upper Deck The X-Files: UFOs and Aliens Checklist

Configuration: 6 cards per pack; 20 packs per box; 12 boxes per case.

Inside Each Box: 2 Single or Dual Autographs, Printing Plates, or Sketch Cards.


  • The X-Files – UFOs and Aliens Edition Trading Cards features a comprehensive 300 Card Base Set!
  • Autographs, Sketch Cards, and Printing Plates combine to fall at least 2 per box!
  • Behind the Scenes insert cards provide a glimpse behind the scenes from the production of The X-Files!
  • A light is shone on notable investigations in history in the Unexplained Phenomena insert.
  • Sift through public records in the X-Files Redacted Files insert.
  • The Characters insert traces notable characters that became involved with UFOs and Aliens from The X-Files.
  • Search for original art Sketch Cards!
  • Look for Paranormal Script Printing Plates signed by The X-Files Actors, Creators, and Producers numbered 1 -of-1.
  • Hunt for all 100 unique Sticker Cards!

Where To Buy: 2019 Upper Deck The X-Files: UFOs and Aliens

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