2019 Super Break The Bar Cuts Edition

Release Date: Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Configuration: 1 card per box; 10 boxes per case.

Inside Each Box: 1 cut autograph per box!


Presidents, Musicians, Politicians, Celebrities, Sports Figures, Activists, and More!

All cuts HAND SELECTED for the FIRST EVER The Bar Cuts Edition featuring Presidents and More!

Find 1 Presidential The Bar Cut Auto Per 10 Box Case

Look for Cut Autos of Presidents and Historical Figures such as John F. Kennedy, Obama, Reagan, Roosevelt, Clinton, Trump, Edison, Earhart, Gates, Mother Teresa, Dali, Mandela, and More!

Autographs ranging from the early 1800s to present.

All autographs are certified by the major authenticators.

ALL CARDS are slabbed by BGS.

1 Slabbed The Bar Cut Auto Per Box

10 Boxes Per Case

All cards are standard size and 5X7 to ensure all autos properly fit on every card

Look for themed hot cases featuring Presidents, the Kennedy’s, all 1800’s autographs, and more!

Where To Buy: 2019 Super Break The Bar Cuts Edition

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