2019 Topps Gold Label Baseball

Release Date: Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Set Notes: Topps brings Gold Label back for another season and while not much has changed, there is one significant upgrade for the 2019 release. They are introducing a new type of relic card named Gold Prospect relic cards that have small gold pieces embedded in them and feature MLB players in the photos.

Configuration: 5 cards per pack; 7 packs per box; 16 boxes per case.

Inside Each Box: 1 autograph per box!


Guaranteeing 1 autograph pack per box, 2019 Topps Gold Label Baseball delivers an excellent box break experience to collectors.


100 MLB® players highlighting rising rookies, veteran superstars and retired greats. Each subject will receive 3 versions to collect: Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3. All base cards will showcase 2 player images, with a new image variation throughout every class. Each class version will also feature Black, Blue, Red and Gold Parallels to chase and collect!

BLACK Parallels

Class 1 – 1:2 packs

Class 2 – 1:6 packs

Class 3 – 1:20 packs

BLUE Parallels

Class 1 – #’d to 150

Class 2 – #’d to 99

Class 3 – #’d to 50

RED Parallels

Class 1 – #’d to 75

Class 2 – #’d to 50

Class 3 – #’d to 25

GOLD Parallels

Class 1 – #’d 1 -of 1

Class 2 – #’d 1 -of 1

Class 3 – #’d 1 -of 1


Framed Autograph Cards

  • Black Parallel – #’d to 75
  • Blue Parallel – #’d to 50
  • Red Parallel – #’d to 25
  • Gold Parallel #’d 1-of-1

NEW! Framed Dual-Autograph Cards

  • Black Parallel – #’d to 5
  • Gold Parallel #’d 1-of-1


Golden Greats Framed Autographed Relic Cards

  • Black Parallel – #’d to 75
  • Gold Parallel #’d 1-of-1

MLB® Legends Relic Cards

  • Black Parallel – #’d to 5
  • Gold Parallel #’d 1-of-1

NEW! Gold Prospect Relic Cards

  • Black Parallel – #’d to 5
  • Gold Parallel #’d 1-of-1

Where To Buy: 2019 Topps Gold Label Baseball

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