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The Steel City Scoop is your #1 source for industry news relating to sports & entertainment trading cards & memorabilia! But, now there’s an auxiliary piece to this blog and it’s our podcast of the same name, Steel City Scoop!

Each week we give listeners the Inside Scoop on industry news and product releases while also speaking with experts and representatives from all corners of the hobby!

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Meet The Host

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Jason Dean Martin is the host of the Steel City Scoop podcast and lead contributor to the Steel City Scoop website. He has been involved in the sports card hobby in almost every way imaginable since he was 5 . Primarily a baseball card collector with player collections including Josh Fogg, Bryce Harper, Ken Griffey Jr, and Bobby Bonilla, Jason is also a “student of the hobby” as he’s always trying to learn more about the history of baseball cards from both the collector and business aspects.

To reach Jason, you can email him or contact him via one of Steel City Collectibles’ social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!

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